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Our work is our passion and we realize how lucky we are to have this business as a way of life. We have always liked food, wine, which is a part of our family tradition, and socialising. For this reason, the decision about opening a restaurant was a no-brainer. We all take part in the family business but the heart and the soul of the restaurant are spouses Katja and Elvis Bužinel, both ‘full-blooded’ inhabitants of Brda. They entered the hospitality industry 25 years ago when they opened their first restaurant in Medana. They also work in the wine cellar together with their three sons, Rok, and the twin brothers Jaka and Jure. Moreover, Elvis’ parents Cvetko and Cvetka also work with them in the vineyards. When entering and exiting the restaurant, one is always greeted by a family member.

“Non si sbiglia mai” or in English “you can never go wrong at the Bužinel” is a popular phrase among our Italian guests, which we are very proud of and are working hard on preserving this reputation with every guest we welcome and every dish we make. We respect the ingredients and swear by their quality and the preservation of tastes, which is why our plates are not ‘enriched’ with aromatic spices. Our biggest delight is watching satisfied and relaxed customers having their day made better by us in our restaurant, which we call our second home. Guests’ compliments on our fresh offer, kindness, hospitality, and wine give us extra momentum for our future efforts.

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